Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day 7

Oh no it is already Saturday! The end is coming near, such a shame. We started our day with a concertwalktrough at the church (some people could already feel the nerves in their bodies). After all this we had lunch in the sun at the church, hoping the weather would stay that way. Some friends of neflac drove us to Park Sonsbeek, where at arrival the park was still completely empty. But as soon as we started our little practise of holberg for the tuning, people were coming from all sides of the park. It was a lovely concert but we all were a little bit tired, so when we arrived back at Rhederoord everyone just took some time for theirselves. At dinner Katinka gave a very short cliché speech because it was our last dinner together and then the night could begin. Our concert at the church was just wonderful and had a really nice audience (thank you all for listening). Back at Rhederoord everyone was still full of adrenalin and we had a little party ( including doing the limbo) with our Neflac family. It was an amazing day which will last long in our memories! Love, Katinka, Pedro, Hilde

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