Friday, 25 July 2014

Day 6

Hi! today was yet again a very educative, long, but fun day. We started the day with a wonderful warming up by Wieke. We also did some streching excersises with Emily, which hopefully are going to be very helpful for losening up our body while or after practising. NTK had a lesson about tuning with the grand piano, after that private lessons (or practise time!). Rosanne had her lesson with Wieke. 'As always, the lesson with Wiek1e was very interesting. I got so much new information which is going to help me a lot!'The Yip'ers had private lessons from Emily. After a wonderful lunch we hadmasterclasses, it was time for Dorien, Eline, and Roos. Eline; I played passacaille by Rhene- baton, one of my favourite pieces. It was wonderful to be able to play with a piano, espeially with Andrew playing the piano. After a performance Emily could tell me what I could do better (and what I could already do well). After practising orchestra with NTK dinner was served. We enjoyed munched potatoes, vegetables and schnitzel - all of it very delicious. We also got a first sigh of Eric Vloeimans, who joined us to dinner. Directly afer dinner the Yip'ers had a first chance at playing with him, and NTK could listen to his beautiful sounds. He was very impressive and the NTK happily joined the second piece which we play with everyone. We can be most certain that our concerts are going to be great, if not plain fantastic. then; an intervieuw with Eric Vloeimans. Andrew askeed question he'dgotten from the NTK and Yip'ers, but Eric didn't need many questions. He knew exactly what was interesting to say and fascinated us with his stories. It was a fantastic day, we're lookinng forward to our concerts the coming two days, but we think everyone is tired of this wonderful week, which is why we're going to sleep now. We wish you all a nice evening, and hope to see you at our concerts! Eline, Koh, Rosanne and Rocco

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