Thursday, 24 July 2014

Day 5

Today it began with a body warm-up outside with Fjes. We sang heads, shoulders, knees and toes,knees and toes! Afterwards the group divided and we had flute warm-ups in smaller groups. The air was full of laugh and humor and very good energy. Then NTK had a group lesson to practice dynamics ready for ensemble playing later. YIP had privat lessons with Emily and everyone rehearsed with their chamber groups or themselves. After lunch Camilla and Flavia listened to her buddies´s, Marlinda and Nadja, masterclass and made notes for them. Then Marlinda did the same for Camilla. We had lots of rehearsals of flute choir rehersals to get ready for our concerts at the weekend. We are getting better at playing quietly and in tune! We had a barbeque this evening and auctioned some flute gadgets to raise money for Neflac! Afterwards we were taken on walk in the amazing grounds of Rhederoord until it got dark in the woods!The atmosphere was full of energy and laugh. Marlinda: My favourite part of the day was playing Vivaldi's Il Gardellino for Emily in my masterclass. I learned a lot about interpretation and making the music really interesting to listen to. Nadja: I really like the maasterclass with Emily. I learned that I couuld add my own notes to the already written parts of Handels music. I also liked the flute orchestra with NTK and YIP because its beautiful to play all together. Flavia: The whole day was full of very inspiring experiences. Today there was time for playing alone, and time for playing together. My lesson with emily and listening to others at masterclass is an earopener. Today we worked hard,and celebrated with a wonderful BBQ and wine. And the walk to digest the good food for body and soul. Camilla: My favourite part of today was playing the Mozart G major concerto in a mastercass with Emily. We talked about stylistic trills, slurs and cadenzas. It was really helpful. I am really looking forward to playing at the Concertgebouw on Sunday.

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