Wednesday, 23 July 2014

day 4

On this very sunny day we started with greeting the sun on our yoga matts. We were faced with the fact that we should maybe stretch a little more in the future, because some of us had some little issues with these "relaxing" positions. After laying down in the gras we felt one with nature and we could start the day completely zen. After a further warming up with the flutes, the normal morning program started. For the lessons with Jeroen and Wieke the NTK'ers usually bring someone with them to take notes so they can use the comments to the treated subjects later. The YIP'ers had lesson or rehearsed some trios and quartets for the concert in the parc in Sonsbeek. Since the weather was so nice (ofcourse that was because of our beautiful sungreeting) many of them practised outside. Those who were still inside had to come outside at lunchtime, because the lunch was served in the pretty gardens of Rhederoord. While the YIP'ers had a workshop with Wieke about practising the brain, the NTK'ers had masterclass with Emily and after that they rehearsed for the flute orchestra. At 16.00 we all got together to share the moment of silence for the victims of the terrible plane accident last thursday with the rest of the Netherlands. After this moment of respect we continued the afternoon program, wich containes ensemble rehearsals for the NTK'ers and more flute lessons and rehearsing for the YIP'ers. Those who thought they had rehearsed enough for the day or those who just love the sun so much, continued the sungreeting from the yoga lesson, but than more comfortable, on their back. After a delicious dinner with a cupcake as dessert, we had a workshop about musical storytelling, given by Leo Samama. It was very interesting and educational, but when it was finished we all were glad that we could get some rest after this busy day. Let's greet the moon now and sleep well everbody! Sofia & Dorien

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