Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Day 3

This third day, we started with a warming-up outside after a short walk, to a beautiful place called the secret Neflac place, near the big -really big- trees. After this, the NTK'ers had a theme lesson about chords and harmonics, which was very useful to train your intonation. It was also a lot of fun. Some of the YIP'ers had a lesson with Emily, while others had the rehearsal with Andrew on the piano or went to the Alexander technic workshop. Nina had a great rehearsal with Andrew to prepare for the masterclass later this day. The YIP'ers had also some free time before lunch, in which they formed trio's and quartets and rehearsed outside in the sun. Then, it was time for a very delicious lunch (with even a couscous salad, mmm!)outside. The NTK'ers started their afternoon with a masterclass from Emily, while the YIP'ers had the opportunity to go to a technical clinic by Wieke or Jeroen. After this, the NTK'ers had some time of ensemble coaching. Anna May: "I rehearsed with Janneke and Robin as a trio for this weekend's concerts and Jeroen coached us. We thought it was a lot of fun and it worked out very nice!" Nina had the masterclass of Emily this afternoon: "That was so exciting! I learned so much already!" Just before dinner, we had a workshop called "Get to know how your flute is made". It was presented by Cilia van Uffelen and Harry van Ekert from Someren, two experts in building and reparing flutes. It was amazing to see just a plate of silver, after a month transformed in a whole perfect looking flute. We also could try some of their flutes. Daniël and some other students had their flutes checked. Then we went for an also very very delicious dinner, but we could only enjoy this for ca 45 minutes, because then we already had to go to the first -very exciting- flute orchestra rehearsal. This was véry surprising, Daniël: "But what it was, we'll keep it a secret! Everbody has to come to the concert to hear for themselves! Anna May, Daniël and Nina.

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