Tuesday, 22 July 2014

#Day 2

Hi everybody! This Robin van de Paverd, Daniel Shao, Janneke Verspagen and Joséphine Olech blogging about our NEFLAC experience on the second day of the course. Robin and Janneke are on the course for younger Dutch players, while Daniel and Joséphine are on the course for older international players. Today we had our first lessons, Robin with Jeroen, annd Daniel with Emily. Daniel: "Emily's lesson was extremely useful in talking about technical aspects of flute playing in general , as well as brilliant feedback on my playing from yesterday's concert; we all had to play a piece which we had prepared, with pianist Andrew West. I shall make sure to remember everything she has said, and incorporate it into my practice" Robin: "Jeroen's lesson was very interesting and I have learned a lot. It feels like I have learnt more in 45 minutes than in a whole week. I hope that I will learn a lot more, and have lots of fun too!' Joséphine : "We had a really great day here- it was such a fulfilling experience, because not only did we improve our flute playing with great teachers (we had two super master classes with Emily including one on orchestral excerpts) but also we had many activities together that take us a little bit away from the music stand!" Janneke: This day was very nice and i know for sure the whole week will be nice. I already have learned a lot and I hope people will hear that after this week. We also have very nice workshops and activities. It's a great experience to listen to other flute players, especially to my buddy, Josephine. Tonight we had a workshop about jazz and improvising with an amazing jazz flutist called Mark Alban Lotz, which was fantastic for bring many flute players out of their comfort zones - this will help musicians to breach new ground in their musical journeys!

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