Sunday, 20 July 2014

The first day

Hello everybody! We're Anne, Blanka and Roos, we're the first bloggers of the week. This morning we arrived, Blanka is from Hungary so she'd been drving for 15 hours before the arrival. The villa of Rhederoord and the surrounding are very beautiful and luxurious so we are very grateful to be here. Our welcome was very friendly and we were all introduced to each other while sitting in a circle so that we were able to look each other in the eyes. Right afterwards we were introduced to soprano Roberta Alexander, who was going teach us how to present ourselves professionally on stage. She was very funny and she taught us a lot. First she gave us some tips about what to wear, what not to wear and how to move as a professional musicican. After that we had our first delicious lunch at Neflac while we got to know each other better. Thanks to Katinka's fifth year at Neflac, we were treated on brownies which was really tasty!!! The rest of the afternoon we had a presentation concert, first by the NTK group and after that by the YIP group. There was a lot of variation between the pieces and performances. It was great to hear how everyone played individually and to hear the many different styles of playing. Now we would like to finish our post so we spend our last 10 min. before we have to get upstairs except Blanka. She's YIPper so she doesn't need to go upstairs at 10 o'clock. And of course we are very jealous aboutit.. :) Ciao and cheers to Blanka!!!!

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